Double Click on the icon for connect to
Right click on BT Click and choose Properties
Use Back Arrow to go back to desk top

Error 645 & 691
Error 678
Error 680
Error 720

Number not recognised

Getting engaged tone

Getting disconnected

Checked if Cus had CLI
Cus had CLI
Cus did not have CLI
Checked if cus had call waiting
Cus had call waiting
Cus did not have call waiting
Told cus how to disable it
Checked if cus was using extension
Cus was using metre extension
Told cus maximum recomended length was 3 metres
Cus was not using an extension
Checked how many phones cus had on line
Cus had other phones on line
Checked if cus was using two way adapter
Cus was
Advised cus to check extension + modem cable + two way adaptor
Advised cus to get line checked

Deleted dialer and made new one
Used 1470,, etc
Cus only had one line
Left cus to try and connect

Deleted dialer and made new one
Used 1470,, etc
Cus had two lines
Tried to connect
Connection failed
Connected OK

ISDN Speedway
Delete Dialer
Setup new Dialer
Remove all ticks from server types except TCP/IP
Set modem to ISDN Internet (PPP over ISDN)
Error 678, Error 629 change the driver to ISDN RAS (PPP over ISDN)

Configuring Eicon Diva ISDN
Configuring 3Com Courier I Modem
Configuring Billion External ISDN
Configuring Hayes Accura ISDN
Configuring Lasat Unique 128mi
Configuring LTK Columbus ISDN
Configuring Motorola BitsSurfer Pro
Configuring Pace ISDN Professional
Configuring Xircom ISDN
Configuring ZyXEL Omni TA128
Configuring Hayes Accura
All these use USR SP 33600 WINMODEM PC DFVP

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